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We are restoring a safe and healthy climate.
The Healthy Climate is committed to giving our children a healthy climate and a thriving planet. It is an education, networking, and advocacy program of the Foundation for Climate Restoration with the goal of restoring the climate: giving future generations a healthy climate like our grandparents had. HCA serves as a bridge between the public, policy-makers, and technical and business experts.

Get to know the Healthy Climate Alliance. Our goals, vision and pathway to restoring a healthy climate. Read our two-pager for more information.


Peter Fiekowsky
Peter Fiekowsky is the President of the Healthy Climate Alliance and Founder of the Foundation for Climate Restoration. He is an entrepreneur committed to leaving a world we’re proud of for our children. Founder and president of AVI LLC. Board member of Zynergy Capital Inc. MIT physicist with 27 patents.
Julia Dederer
Julia Dederer is a Strategic Advisor for the Healthy Climate Alliance. She is a transformational coach in Silicon Valley with over 30 years of experience supporting leaders, entrepreneurs and executives to take the reach and scope of their impact to the next level.
Erica Dodds
Erica Dodds is the Executive Director of the Healthy Climate Alliance. She is a doctoral candidate in Interdisciplinary Evaluation at Western Michigan University. She holds a Master’s degree in International Development Administration and has experience conducting evaluations and project management.
Sharon Fiekowsky
Sharon serves as the Chief Operations Officer for the Healthy Climate Alliance (HCA). She is a Nurse Practitioner with 17 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as extensive clinical experience in intensive care, hospice/palliative care and pain management.
Sunil Bhaskaran
Sunil Bhaskaran is a Strategic Advisor for the Healthy Climate Alliance. Sunil brings more than 25 years of experience owning businesses and is also the founder of the Global Meetup Mastermind – dedicated to enabling entrepreneurs and visionaries around the world to build large audiences and creative collaborations to foster a better world for small business people. With his extensive network of more than 72,800+ business owners and professionals, he brings the ability to generate connections and networking at a personable and engaging level.
Felix Kramer
Felix Kramer is a Strategic Advisor for HCA. He is a former entrepreneur and strategic communicator. He has launched, led, and promoted environmental, political and IT projects and companies. He founded and helped win the eight-year campaign for mass production of plug-in hybrid cars like the Chevy Volt. He continues to advise and invest in clean energy companies. A husband and parent, he volunteers full-time and writes about “missing pieces” in climate awareness and solutions. His website for Climate Restoration is


What is needed for Climate Restoration?

Restoring the climate requires removing 1 trillion tons of CO2 from the atmosphere in order to get to 300 parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere, as well as restoring the Arctic ice. These two actions are necessary and sufficient to restore the climate. They can be done for less than 1% or 2% of global GDP, if humanity commits to doing it.

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